Conquer Fear with the Black Scenario Method

    Fear is an emotion we all know. Sometimes it is important and signals danger. But most of the time, fear only plays with us. The brain likes stereotypes and routine. It doesn\’t want to leave its comfort zone. That\’s why in these cases it whispers all sorts of fears and insecurities that ultimately hold us back and keep us from growing. We want to go for a run, but then we get blisters. You want to change jobs, but you can\’t find a better one, when in fact it\’s not that bad. You want to write your own novel, but you don\’t have a degree in journalism. So you listen and give up. Your head is happy and you are on a familiar track, but you are not. In your heart, you feel it is wrong.


    But how do you get out of it? How do we silence our fears? Let\’s try the black script method.

    Set aside some alone time. Sit quietly, pencil and paper in hand.

    • Column 1: Purpose
    • Column 2: Concerns
    • Column 3: Solutions


    For example, start filling out the following 1. change jobs 2. run out of money before finding something 3. build financial reserves so you can always get a temporary job

    1. try to run a marathon this summer 2. not be able to run and everyone makes fun of you 3. at least be happy that you tried and your form has improved Do

    1. write a science fiction novel 2. can\’t even do basic writing 3. sign up for a course and start following those who are successful

    Write down all the fears you have about your goals. There may be as many as 10 for one goal. Really write down the worst ones. Seeing solutions written out may calm your brain and prevent negative scenarios from coming to mind. Whenever you are overwhelmed by fear, open your list and see that nothing is so black. Hopefully this method will help you overcome all your fears.