The path to understanding, or why illness occurs

    Do you indulge in “good” and “full” food? Cream sauce, yeast dumplings every other day, fat and sweet cupcakes, burgers for snacks, because you need to strengthen your nerves, you drive to work in the car, subway or mass transit, so you do not have much movement?You need to strengthen your nerves, so you need to strengthen your nerves. Do you have time to exercise, go to the gym, go to the pool, but do not have time for a massage or especially a walk? You spend most of your time at work, so are you willing to come home and you do not have to go anywhere? Would you sit on the TV and complement a relaxing evening with a glass of wine and a fried salty chip? Whether you like it or not, there are health problems. 
    srdeční péče
    However, not everyone “hears” the body\’s first call for help. So they begin to self-medicate, and it goes on, because here they take pills for the stomach, here – for the gallbladder, there – for headaches. But the body can not be “angry” even more. What do most doctors do when they go to the doctor? Did this drug help you? Get another one and increase the dose! Many people like to hear about it, taking more and more drugs modestly and with taste.  Why? Because the doctor prescribed them! At the next check, your doctor may find that you have bad blood results and add another medication. Unfortunately, he will no longer tell you that drugs also have side effects, and you will actually take other drugs for those side effects!  So you get into the “drug trap”. And often almost not enough.
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    Stop and think if I can\’t help myself somehow. I believe that with the help of drugs, the road is easier and more comfortable at first glance, but no one will tell you that you can cause other serious health complications.  Who would be interested in this question of “drug trap”, can read a book from trained doctor Jan Hnízdil,Md,”On my illness”, subtitled how to make a patient.  I recommend it! This doctor found that people came back to him with more and more symptoms, and he was treating them, but the patient was not recovering. When he began to look for problems, he discovered that all diseases are information about the fact that a person makes mistakes in his life. And he became interested in the patient, increasingly penetrated into psychosomatic medicine, and the patient began to recover. Only those who want to heal. Mudr Hnízdil argues that, if I fully agree, the health of a person largely depends on how he behaves to himself and to his loved ones, whether he lives in a harmonious family and society. you don\’t believe me?
    Think about these words. If you are at least partially in harmony with these words, do not hesitate to read the book “To My illness”.
    If you wish, he can help you on the path to healing of your soul and body.