You should travel

    Travel is often an expensive business and costs a lot of money, but it is not really a money-making business. This is because money can be spent and never disappear forever. Those who invest in this way get experiences and experiences in return, broaden their horizons, meet new people, and have fun …… It is definitely a quid pro quo. Sacrifice something to get something. That\’s how I think it should be.

    stará mapa

    Fortunately, travel is no longer difficult or unmanageable. Today, there are no longer monopolistic travel agencies with crappy offers and unfriendly, ignorant staff, and there are no longer closed borders in any direction. Also, our passports are among the best in the world and we can travel to pretty much any country in the world without a visa. We are also a nation of fairly wealthy people who can afford such travel, although it may not seem so to some.

    Thus, our people are increasingly traveling. This is facilitated by the increasing use of travel agents, travel agencies, and the Internet, where almost all arrangements can be made. Apart from the time spent choosing what suits you best, airline tickets to South Africa, the same country you go to every year, accommodation in the same country, and transportation can all be arranged in a matter of minutes. If travel is this easy for a countryman like me, who has spent a good portion of his life behind the Iron Curtain, then others should be able to do the same. Perhaps it is around this time that the main vacation period, summer vacation, has begun. Our people are already slowly making their way to countries around the world, places that give them something to do. And usually no one regrets doing so. If nothing else, travel is at least an ideal way to take a break from the everyday reality, from their own people, which is often enough.

    And when we return, we are again full of strength and excitement. Then it will be easier to survive the time until our next vacation or further travel.