The Importance of Books

    In today\’s late modern world, where concepts such as digitization, online environments, and virtual reality are pervasive, classic books in the sense of novels, as well as printed magazines and especially newspapers, no longer have a place and may seem to be on the decline. Replacing them is breaking news, posted on Internet portals and constantly updated.

    čtečka namísto knihy

    However, books still have great valueand can provide a valuable amount of stimulation to society. Whether one prefers traditional printed books or their e-book equivalents is not the issue.

    vybavená knihovna

    An escape from the mundane

    In this way, reading provides a fairly effective form of escape from reality and a sense of relaxation. If you want to step away for a moment and leave all the worries and struggles of everyday life behind, nothing is easier than to properly take in an engaging story. The magic lies in the fact that it doesn\’t matter where you are. Whether you are on a tram ride from work, lying in bed unable to sleep, or anywhere else, simply open a book. I can guarantee that after a few minutes, you\’ll be thinking about something completely different.

    žena čte knihu

    Books are also a great tool to significantly increase vocabulary ,improve expression and writing style,
    develop critical thinkingand not to forget memorizing data. It is also a great way to improve your child\’s grammar and reading comprehension . And in a non-violent, fun way.