How to Safely Transport Pets

    If you have pets, it is definitely a good idea to teach them to travel by car. Whether he likes it or not, he will not miss it. He may need to go to the vet, may want to take you on a trip with him, or even plan a race.Whatever the case, there is clearly a need to ensure the safety of all passengers, human or animal, during transport. The problem is that while we can explain to humans that they should sit with their seatbelts fastened and not move from seat to seat (ideally over the driver) during transport, this is not the case with animals.

    Therefore, preparation is necessary for the transportation of animals. But how. This depends mainly on the type of animal. Dogs are most frequently transported. They also have the most options. The worst is to leave them unattended in the seat. The law forbids it. The animal can literally turn into a bullet on impact and do considerable harm not only to you, but to itself. It is not worth the risk.

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    There are various types of animal safety belts that fit into collars or harnesses. However, these are not recommended because they restrict the animal\’s movement considerably and do not provide much comfort, especially on long trips.

    It is much better to use bars to delineate where the animals will be moving. This is often the trunk, but can also be the back seat. The advantage is that there is enough space and it is comfortable, for example, if a soft blanket is placed there. One can stretch out and sit comfortably without fear of bumping into the driver. (Also, in the event of a traffic accident, there would be no flying around in the car and the impact on everyone (including the person in question) would be much less)


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    Many people then use specialized trailers. Mainly for horses, but also for dogs. The advantage is the complete separation of the animal from the driver, but also the fact that the animal is comfortable here. In most cases, the temperature is adjustable, so the animals can stay comfortable even on hot days or in freezing weather.

    Conventional crates are used for smaller animals such as small dogs and cats. These are secured with special seat belts to prevent them from moving during transportation. This will ensure adequate safety and comfort for all.It is clear that more choices are available. The choice depends on the type of animal and the type of vehicle. Just keep in mind that safety is paramount.