The game world can teach us a lot, but it can also take a lot away from us


    Today, there is probably no one who has never played a game. In my opinion, gaming is one of those things that will continue to move and its popularity will never wane. What started out as a variety of arcade games has now become a game with a high level of graphics that makes you feel like you are watching a movie. I don\’t think there is anyone who is not interested in at least one game. With so many choices and categories, there really is something for everyone, regardless of age.

    Závislost na hrách

    The world of games can be very rewarding and keep one comfortably entertained for a while, but it can also teach one a few things. There are many games out there that aim to teach, as well as various strategy games that make people think and develop their brains. However, all games that still exist may have the property of teaching, even if they are not originally intended as such. Not all games are in English, or at least even if there is a subtitle option, we have the option of listening to another language, often English. Many people have confirmed to me that they have learned English better from games, for example, the aforementioned ones. But language is not the only thing we learn subconsciously. Games require us to react quickly, think, and develop our imagination. Many games are fantasy or science fiction worlds, which also help develop imagination.

    Hraní her

    Of course, there are many good things about games, but there are also many bad things. Games are addictive, and I don\’t need to explain that many people spend many hours a day playing games. Some people start up their computers the moment they wake up and turn them off the moment they go to bed at night. But many people can get angry at games. So we need to take a break, take a walk, and remember that we are human and cannot sit at the computer for hours a day.