How to quit smoking quickly and easily

    Smoking is not only unhealthy and expensive, it also stops being inside. If you smoke in society, you will no longer impress anyone, neither manly nor seductive, and at best someone will regret and look at you. Many people, perhaps most, even smokers, have finally noticed that after years of education and research, the majority of smokers do not smoke to express their attitudes.

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    Studies have shown that most smokers would rather quit, but the only question is how to do it. Of course, usually not very intelligent, and soon begins to declare something about a strong will, and those who have it quit smoking every day, and those who do not have it, nothing..But the opinion of simpletons aside, having smoked for a long time, you can learn from your own experience every day how difficult it is to quit. I would like to mention a few facts that I myself have observed or taken from the observations of others.

    1.Addiction to smoking is mainly psychological

    2.It negatively affects the will and ability to make rational decisions.

    3.The optimal withdrawal procedure is strong and personal

    4.Unfortunately, a long-time smoker does not heal without rest, he gets rid of physical dependence, but psychology does not allow him to spend some time for the rest of his life.
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    There are disagreements among experts about what triggers addicts to become addicted, focusing on things such as ashtrays. I argue that the main trigger is stress, in both negative and positive forms, an example. You are upset with the boss at work and you need to smoke on the next break. An example of the opposite. You just had super sex, you roll over and you feel for a cigarette. You have given up a job that has been struggling for a long time, and you feel like you deserve it, and you feel like a cigarette. For example, from the point of view of this theory, it is counterproductive to draw a scary picture on a box to scare people. Another important observation I have come across in the contradiction between what smokers say and what experts say, i.e.. Smokers often smoke to calm down, experts immediately argue that this is nonsense, because nicotine acts incentivously, and this is evidenced by an increase in blood pressure. I argue that they are both right, nicotine really stimulates attention more than anything else, the smoker calms down because the dose of nicotine helps him concentrate elsewhere than what bothers him. At that moment, when he smokes, he perceives only the present moment, and there is nothing around. It\’s such a moment of reflection on the outside world.

    How to quit smoking. Someone can do it in a way as I said it was an individualdays,I was able to do it gradually, I bought an electronic cigarette, its use is most reminiscent of real smoking, so then I realized that with a little effort I could completely stop smoking. i know. Then, always after about 1 month, I bought a solution with less and less nicotine. In the end, I went to zero and the next week I decided and ended it decisively, so far it has been going on for 4 years.