It is not known exactly when and where tarot cards first appeared. We also know that they were associated with witchcraft from the beginning, as most reports of tarot appear in medieval documents in which tarot was forbidden by the church and secular authorities.
    Tarot card decks typically contain 78 cards divided into the so-called Major and Minor Arcana. The word Arcana comes from Latin and refers to the hidden or magical. The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards, which can be easily distinguished by the Roman numerals at the top of the card and the labels at the bottom of the card. The exceptions are theFool cardand the 13th cardDeath, which lack labels at the bottom of the card. The Minor Arcana (56 cards) consist of four different cards, representing four suits: Swords, Clubs, Cups, and Discs. Each symbol contains ten cards ranging from ace to ten and four cards representing characters.
    Tarot proroctví
    The basic rules of tarot reading are not complicated
    1. From the left, three cards representing the past present and future are arranged
    2. 3. All elements in the same place on the cards are related to each other. Using the Tarot allows you to tell a story and illuminate the relationships in your life and with others. This use of the Tarot was particularly popular among European aristocratic societies in the 18th century. For example, Giacomo Casanova wrote in his diary in 1765 that his Russian mistress used a deck of cards for divination.
    Tarot kartářka
    To make the emotional experience of using these cards more intense, it is a good idea to use them in connection with a particular property. Wrap the deck in black silk to block it from outside vibrations.