Differences between iPhone and Android phones

    Android and iphone have been battling for years to see who will dominate the mobile smartphone operating system. For those who do not know what these two designations mean, let me explain a little about them and what makes them different.

    Both are operating systems. That is, they are not exactly the same. Android is the name of the operating system, and IPhone is the name of the Apple-branded cell phone that runs the IOS operating system, simply because only IPhone can run the IOS operating system and no other device can. we call it IPhone. This article will therefore explain the difference between an Android phone and an IPhone.

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    Android on the other hand, as mentioned, is simply an operating system. It is used in all non-Apple-branded cell phones in many variations. The variations may vary depending on which brand of phone it is. For example, the Huawei series phones have an Android-based operating system, but modified to visually fit the Huawei design. This is called EMUI. Presumably, all cell phone brands have variations of the same. Except perhaps for the obscure or emerging ones.

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    So what are the main differences between them? Android and IOS operate differently. At the programming level, these are incomparable differences. Let me illustrate this with an example. For example, if you gave a machine an instruction to find the best path from one bob to another, the result would be the same, but the steps the machine used to do it would be completely different. This is the difference between Android and IOS. So there are apps specifically for the iPhone series, and there are apps specifically for the Android system. Of course, it is now essential to have apps that succeed on both operating systems. 57]

    The differences between these systems are obvious to users because they operate and look completely different. Users who have been accustomed to the android system all their lives will find it difficult to get used to another system. The same is true in the opposite case.