Remodeling an Old House

    First, consider the size of the remodel. Will you tear down the interior? Or will you just paint and change the furniture? Sketching in the house will give you a few ideas and may help you come up with a new makeover. The key is insulation. If the existing house is not insulated, it is definitely worth the investment. New windows are also related to this, and if you have old windows, get rid of them as soon as possible. These two things will keep the house warm and save your wallet in the future. Next, it is also worth thinking about heat sources. Electricity, solar power, heat pump, solid fuel boiler, or wood stove? If you decide to go with a heat pump or eco-friendly boiler, take advantage of the subsidy. We recommend hiring a contractor to do everything for you so you don\’t have to worry about anything and can get the necessary paperwork.

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    Now let\’s get to the rebuilding itself. Find a bricklayer, plumber, electrician, or other craftsman and be sure to check them out. From my own experience, it is not easy to secure craftsmen. Also, if you don\’t have time to keep an eye on all the craftsmen during the rebuilding period, hire a construction supervisor. He or she will keep an eye on the craftsmen to make sure they are doing their job well and not wasting your money.

    It is a good idea to know what the final job will look like before the craftsmen begin work. If you are remodeling your bathroom, kitchen, or toilet, be sure to go to their specialty store. There, they will be able to help you and answer any questions you may have. Also, ask them to do a 3D design for you to get a better idea and to tell the bricklayer how it will look. For example, if you like a shiny kitchen, expect it to be dirty all the time. Also, think about what shape the kitchen will be and what color it will be so that you feel comfortable; after all, you will be spending some time there. The same goes for the bathroom. Personally, I wanted it to be a dark color so that every drop of water and every speck of dust wouldn\’t stand out.
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    What about the floor? You will definitely want to change that too. Carpet? PVC? Vinyl? Parquet? Carpet tiles? Do your research at home to see what\’s different, what\’s affordable, and what\’s pleasing to the eye. Do you have old parquet floors and want to give them a new look? Even parquet floors can be beautifully refinished and now look brand new. How about carpet? Carpets are warm and inviting and make a room feel cozy. But anyone with kids knows that sometimes when a child spills something, or even spills something themselves, it\’s hard to get it off the carpet.

    As for furniture. Again, from my own experience, I recommend custom-made. You can get exactly what you want, and most importantly, it is well made. One last little tip. If you have old desks, cabinets, chests of drawers, or other furniture that you don\’t want to part with, try refurbishing them yourself at home. You\’ll feel better, and most importantly, you\’ll be incredibly happy. Remove the old paint from the furniture, sand and polish it, and paint it with new paint.

    Good luck and good luck with your choice.