Problems of Modern Parenting

    Have you ever been in a situation where, on your way to work in the morning on a crowded public transportation system, the trip was made more pleasant by the yelling and rage of a bossy child who chose the path of resistance to get what he or she wanted? Unfortunately, children suffer in these situations and succumb to their coercion because modern parents often take the attitude of non-interference in character development. Children quickly realize that this is the path to success and that they can get everything their heart desires simply by creating hysterical scenes.otec a syn.jpg
    Take Home Nanny – Emma Jenner
    In the United States, the problem has escalated to the point of intolerance, and a reality show featuring nanny Emma Jenner re-educating unruly children has become a huge success. This expert highlights the weakness of today\’s youth education.
    In the past, parenting was a community affair. For example, everyone in the village was involved, and grandparents and neighbors intervened if there was inappropriate behavior. In many cases, a stern look was enough. However, the downside of the modern age is the so-called cult of the child, where children have become untouchables and no one is interested in meddling in the affairs of others. Unfortunately, even teachers have ceased to be authorities, as they must face criticism from overprotective parents.dítě smutek.jpg
    Education has been influenced by parents who believe that forgiving and tolerating their children\’s mistakes and errors will help them develop healthy self-esteem. However, this is a huge mistake. Young children do not have the capacity to judge right from wrong.
    One of the biggest problems today is the access young children have to technology. They know no boredom and cannot understand a program without a tablet or cell phone. This leads to a decline in creativity, and children are losing their dreams and imagination. However, this fact is 100% the fault of parents who prefer to push smartphones into the hands of their children rather than actively engage them and spend time with them drawing or reading books.