Nature Heals You

    Diabetes is often mentioned in the context of diseases of civilization, but it is a very old disease. Even in the earliest times, healers and herbalists searched for plants that could cure this disease. As you can see, they were not very successful. However, something was discovered in India. The healers there discovered an herb that grew in the grasslands. It is Gymnema sylvestre.What does this name mean? Perhaps it is because it only grows in Central Asia.
    – Diabetics in India drank a decoction of this plant or chewed the leaves.
    – The symptoms of the disease were considerably alleviated.
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    This plant is not only useful in the treatment of diabetes, but also a supportive agent in the fight against dangerous obesity. The substances in this plant mimic glucose.Simply put, these substances fool our taste buds into thinking they have already eaten something sweet.
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    Always consult your doctor.
    Diabetes mellitus increased rapidly at the end of the last century. Because it mainly affected the industrialized world, diabetes came to be spoken of as the disease of civilization. It was then that [scientists] turned again to nature and remembered Gymnema sylvestre . They succeeded in isolating several active substances from this plant. These mainly support the role of body insulin secreted by the pancreas.
    – Supportive therapies from this herb are commonly available in pharmacies.
    – They are suitable for those whose blood glucose levels have begun to rise critically above 6.3 nmol/l.
    – If you are already taking blood glucose-lowering medications, be sure to consult your physician.
    Gymnema sylvestre is not only a treatment for diabetes and obesity. It is also effective for constipation, bronchial asthma, various allergies, anemia, and bronchitis. It is also a supportive treatment for several diseases related to cardiac activity.