Aluminum ladder or step?

    They are useful for safety in high places, such as when washing windows, hanging curtains and drapes, or grabbing and storing items that are out of reach in cabinets near the ceiling. They are also useful for painting and making various repairs around the house. When choosing a ladder for home use, we are limited by the height of the room or stairway ceiling. Its advantages are its long life span and easy maintenance.
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    For home use, we also recommend small aluminum folding stepsthat provide safety when we need to go a little higher than we have grown. These have ribbed, non-slip feet and their edgesare made of plastic with a load capacity of up to 150 kg. They can be used on one or both sides.
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    There will be times when a ladder is needed for cleaning gutters, pruning trees, combing fruit, pruning fences, etc., so choose one that is strong without being lightweight. Safety is important. If you are going to be standing on the ladder for long periods of time, a platformwould be appreciated. A storage platform that can hold a variety of items

    is also practical. When purchasing a ladder,

    you should decide in advance where the ladder will be placed after use. Because of their light weight, they can be lost.
    For our own safety, we should tighten the screws from time to time. For safety in the field, we should consider steel stabilizing spikesthat can be driven into the turf . If we do not want to damage the facade of the house, we can install castersat the top of the ladder. 39] opřený žebřík
    Among the best-selling ladders,the three-piece combination ladderis versatile. When deployed, it provides three different uses: stepladder, pull-out ladder, and pull-out stepladder. The company also offers ladders that are telescopic, articulated, telescoping, or combined with scaffolding. [Experts advise that for home use, two aluminum ladders should be purchased. One is about 2 meters and up to 10 kg, suitable for apartments. The other is between 5 and 7 meters and weighs more than 30 kilograms.