Men shop online

    “Going” to the mall to do this kind of household shopping (and with a wife or girlfriend who is always making something and stalling) is really a big stress for a gentleman. Online shopping, however, is a different story!

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    In the Czech Republic, men shop online as much as women. Even more so, depending on the type of product; the amount of shopping and spending in e-shops is increasing every year. Why do they still prefer to shop this way?

    The Internet is convenient and fast

    There is no stress when there are many people in the store. I can choose in the comfort of my own home. There are no crowds at the checkout counter and no time is wasted. Younger men are more likely to shop on the Internet — under the age of 35 — because it is easier and more convenient. However, older people are increasingly preferring to shop online. These days, men also like to buy clothes online. They just need to take their measurements, and there is no need for a long and tedious fitting. They can quickly select and order. They bring the items to where they want them, and if they don\’t fit, they exchange them right away.

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    Intuitive stores pave the way for men

    Men have learned to buy food, clothes, and even shoes at online stores. But what do they prefer to buy this way? That\’s mainly electronics. That\’s number one! They like to spend a lot of time sifting through the wares and choosing. They research parameters and specifications. They enjoy reading different discussions and reviews on the subject. They like stores that clearly, intuitively, and quickly guide customers through the process of ordering. Everything is completed in “a few clicks” without unnecessary waiting. They tend to be impatient when it comes to delivery times. Surveys show that about one-tenth of them opt for next-day delivery. Makes sense. Of course, they can\’t wait for their new “toy.”

    They often just look at cars online

    Men do a lot of research on the Internet. They can spend a lot of time in shopping malls looking at pictures and videos of expensive test drives. They find all kinds of information about them. They also read reviews and discussions, as they do with electronics. They look at prices and compare them. And when they really want to buy a car, they go to a physical dealership. And of course, they test drive it! Naturally.