Detroit become human-Reviews

    I stumbled upon this long-awaited novelty for 2017 by accident. The cover art, which the developer and graphic designer really played with, will lure you straight into this game.
    In the story, we are in a Detroit that the developers have made to look exactly like the original Detroit, but with some future-era innovations. [The developers, without mincing words, have set a really big goal with this game. It is to create a game almost exclusively for the player, where every decision the player makes affects not only the plot, but also the thinking of the other characters in the game. Here, there are not one, but three main characters, each with his or her own personality. The first android is Connor, a detectivewho, along with his human partner Lieutenant Anderson, is tasked with finding the nature of free-thinking androids (called Deviant). However, depending on the player\’s choices, the relationship betweenConnor\’s character as well asConnorand his partner develops, so that in some situations the two characters do not need each other very much, while in others they are quite friendly. [The other protagonist is the android Kara, a sort of metal nanny. She takes care of little Alice and her abusive father Toddat home. She becomes a deviant, as Quantic Dream has already shown in their thriller about Kara, but whether she really is or not is again up to the player.MÄ›sto Detroit.jpg
    The last android to play is Marcus, who helps an aging artist live to the end. He realizes that he is not just a machine, but a thinking being. Marcus becomes the symbol of the androids\’ free minds and their leader. There are moments in the game when the player must decide whether Marx will wage a peaceful war with the humans or the exact opposite.
    The decision-making process is really successful. There are many possibilities to influence the plot. In fact, the whole game is a great opportunity to influence the plot. Sometimes the game opens up new places that you didn\’t notice the first time you played it. But it can also help you find new decisions and choices.