Are cell phones dangerous?

    Twenty years ago, few would have dreamed of such a thing, but today cell phones are part of almost everyone\’s life. Even relatively young children are getting their first cell phones.It is not surprising that this is so. After all, the benefits are clear. We can call anytime if something happens to us, and likewise others can contact us. This is also why fewer people are getting lost.It is also true that the majority of people today use smartphones and have access to the Internet. This too will undoubtedly help, as it will mean access to navigation and other services that can be useful in times of emergency.

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    Despite these advantages, it is no wonder that few people consider whether these devices are dangerous for us. After all, with any technology comes risk, and that is true here as well. And this is something we should be wary of.

    Perhaps the most serious risk, albeit very small, is the possibility of a battery explosion. This is often caused by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, especially on hot days. Simply put, leaving them outside all day in the summer to be exposed to the sun\’s rays could be troublesome.

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    Another, less serious but more insidious problem is the act of taking away our attention. Perhaps all of us have encountered people crossing the street or driving while talking on the phone, for example, or looking at their cell phones. What the consequences of this are probably needless to discuss.

    A kind of addiction can also occur here. This, of course, is also not healthy and can lead to various psychological problems and trouble with others.Here we see that the motto “be a good servant but a bad master” also applies to cell phones. Therefore, it is advisable to treat cell phones with caution. That is the only way to take advantage of the cell phone without endangering oneself.