Certainty is not everything

    The film “Tour Participants” was incredibly entertaining from the first time I saw it. And even after watching several reruns, I still enjoy the film. Of course, one could basically say that I enjoy it because the main characters are so unbelievably awful. Every character in it evokes a different kind of despair. And there is perhaps some truth in the saying that “nothing pleases me more than the misfortune of others.

    I could still accept it. But to be shoved into such a bland place only to feel like lying on the beach with a horde of suspicious locals and toasting by a bonfire is …… I\’ll stop. Thanks. Not only because I don\’t want to be around confused old ladies, obnoxious artists, gay couples, perverts, and mothers dressed as Mrs. Holbover.

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    I would be disgusted by the very idea of how hopelessly boring it is, but also in the spirit of what is being entertained here I would also be disgusted by the fact that I should be entertained. And if I were already there, I would certainly have to own it and put it away far away from the others.

    Because to me, vacation and travel are something completely different. One should explore other places, but not just enjoy the beach, a dozen hotels, and a few attractions. They should get to know the real life and what their fellow countrymen don\’t know. Sure, it\’s not bad to have a little peace and quiet by the water, and it\’s not bad to have something organized, but being part of a herd is not. We need a little adrenaline, adventure, a little bit of the unknown, and maybe even a nostalgic memory or innocent shyness. We just need unique experiences. There is no hope for those who don\’t offer that. I have no charm.

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    So you won\’t see me on a tour bus heading to sea somewhere in Europe. The guide might have been pleased, though. Because I would never lose my passport, demand sex, break a seat, or steal a brown saucer. Because only “tour participants” can do such things.