Vitamins and their benefits

    Vitamins can be divided into water-soluble and fat-soluble forms. Their inadequate intake can cause many problems
    Fat-soluble vitaminsare A, D, E, and K. They can be stored in the body\’s fatty tissues and are not easily eliminated from the body.
    Water-soluble vitaminsare all B vitamins and vitamin C. They are eliminated by the body as urine and do not remain in the body for long periods of time. Therefore, they must be replenished frequently.
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    – VitaminA – deficiency can cause vision problems. It is found in liver, carrots, cabbage, eggs, pumpkin, and milk
    – VitaminD – – Deficiency causes rickets and bone disorders. It is produced in the skin through exposure to sunlight. Food sources include eggs, mushrooms, and oily fish.
    – Vitamin E – Necessary for proper nerve and immune function. Found in nuts, butter, milk, meat, and oils.
    – VitaminK – Produced by intestinal bacteria and found in foods. It is involved in blood coagulation, and a deficiency can cause various bleeding conditions. Conversely, blood thinners may need to be administered to reduce free vitamin K in the body. It is abundant in leafy vegetables.
    – Vitamin C – can only be obtained through food or tablets. It destroys free radicals in the body that are not exactly beneficial and necessary for proper development of connective tissue. It enhances the absorption of iron. Is necessary for many processes that occur in the body. The recommended daily intake for adults is about 100 mg; however, excess is excreted in the urine, and more may be taken during times of stress or illness. Sources are mainly fruits and vegetables.
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    B- [34
    – 34]B-The series of vitamins are necessary for nerve function, mental well-being, brain function, blood formation, metabolism of fats, sugars, and amino acids, and affect the condition of skin, hair, and nails. When we need to supplement these vitamins, we turn to B vitamins and beer yeast. These vitamins are found in many foods, but getting enough of them in the required amounts is a problem.