UEFA Champions League

    As the name suggests, this tournament is organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), Some may not know that UEFA is also the governing body for futsal (soccer, indoor only, played in gymnasiums, with fewer players, but with very similar rules) and beach volleyball. Although the name includes the word Europe, it also includes countries such as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Russia, as the borders between Europe and Asia are not uniform for all organizations and regions. Conversely, Monaco is not a member.

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    The most powerful federation, FIFA, is also synonymous. European soccer is of the highest quality in the world.It is never easy to qualify for the Champions League, as different soccer is played in each country, and the ranks are divided as follows:Spain, England, Italy, and Germany are the most prestigious. Soccer is played in. England does not mean England. Teams ranked fourth in a country\’s top league standings are automatically included in the group phase, France and Russia are the three teams. Portugal, Ukraine, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria, Turkey, Greece, and the Netherlandsare ranked two;Croatia, Denmark, Israel, Cyprus, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Scotland, …are promoted by one rank, or the first-place team in the highest league. The system is so complex that if a team fails to qualify for a knockout match group league, it automatically qualifies for the Europa League.
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    UEFA has 55 member countries, including the Czech Republic, which organizes not only this competition but also dozens of others, including the World Cup for club and national teams. There is also a competition for amateurs called the Regions Cup. The organization also presents awards such as the Footballer of the Year, Team of the Year, and Club Awards. Its secretary general is Theodor Theodoridis, and Russian Alexander Cheferin became president in 2016. It is based in Switzerland.

    It is a great honor for Czech soccer to be part of such a prestigious league.