Typical Spring Problems

    Every driver is relieved when winter is over. However, this is actually a very difficult time of year for cars. Just look at the roads. Dangerous potholes open up, salt, which is bad for the chassis, is used sparingly, and there are often still chunks of snow and ice frozen on the shoulders. And the salt that is spread on the road proves to be especially dangerous when combined with moisture. No wonder,it easily causes problems for vehicles when it gets into the various creviceswhile driving. Thus,spring is a bad time to cleancracks and make other repairs so that the car can serve us well. By doing so, the car will be ready for the season.opravář auta

    What we can see

    The interior of the car – we want it to not only look good, but be comfortable. Dampness under the carpet is a problem though, as it seems to be leaking water. This is an area that needs to be addressed as soon as possible and the malfunction needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Water leaking from the body of the car is often the cause, but this is not surprising. After winter, seals can become damaged, pitted, or even loose front window seals. Also, air conditioners that should work fine in the summercan have problems. Unfortunately, after the winter is over, one often encounters swelling of the rubber rings. Worse still is pipe damage . But repairs are absolutely necessary, and in both cases the sooner the better.auto chce pořádně prohlédnout
    Body – Unfortunately, this is the most defective one, so it is not surprising that the paint is often damaged, but it is also the starting point for corrosion. In short, since rhinestones spare nothing, even windows become targets. If cracks begin to appear after the stone, it is time to consider replacement.42] Those who have a traction deviceshould check the socket, after winter it may be malfunctioning, and we should clean it so as not to thenlament over a malfunctioning carriage, and of course it should be given due attention. Of course, we must not forget to replace the undercarriage and tires.