Tourism – 1 of the most beautiful sports activities

    Hiking is the oldest sports department, walking is natural for humans, and this type of movement is also mastered by untrained people in the age range from toddlers to very elderly people. It is operated by nature lovers, regardless of the political situation in the country, and flourished during the occupation by fascist Germany, and in the era of socialism. The impetus for the popular popularity of this laudable activity was given on our territory by the club of Czech tourists, founded in 1888. Thanks to him, we also created many hostels, shelters and, by the way, buildings, watchtowers, in which our country can be rightly proud.
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    Shoes are essential

    In walking, especially in mountainous areas, it is also necessary to provide the necessary equipment. Anyone who seriously considers this unconventional hobby, as a rule, begins from where the human gait has a beginning – at the foot. TouristsWear them in special outdoor models, which must meet considerable demands not only in terms of comfort, but also in terms of health. Solid and safe shoes with anatomical insoles and a partially breathable membrane against the action of water are the basis for today, and the usual sneakers, and even ballet flats and flip-flops, forget about long hikes.
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    Day and Multi-day Trekking Backpacks

    When Mr. Hudeček opened his modest shop HUDY sport in Prague in the early 90s, he was the first enthusiast who gave a completely different dimension to the tourism of our country. In the assortment of goods there were sleeping bags, tents, mats, rice cookers, lanterns, dishes and knives, but most of them were backpacks. High quality shoes and backpacks are 2 things that make tourists a tourist.
    We choose the size of the backpack, depending on how many days we spend on a trip away from home, and for a multi-day hike, count 80-120 liters. For a day and two-day weekend trip, 45 liters is usually enough.
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    There are dozens of backpack manufacturers on the market, as a rule, all products are equipped with anatomically shaped padding, waist belt, chest grip, conveniently retractable shoulder straps, internal chamber system, and are made of waterproof polyester, nylon and rubberized fabric.  There are also reflective elements, pull-out raincoats, velcro straps, shoelaces for mounting maps, quick-release pullers for storing uppers while hiking, mini pockets for flashlights, lighters, cell phones, purses, and many other gadgets.