Port Grimaud, “Venice of France”

    Little history
    The history of the town dates back to the 60s.20.it Designed in the style of Italian Venice. It is located in the Bay of Saint-Tropez, 4 km from the legendary Gendarmes. The stylish cottage is located on a charming peninsula, which is mainly equipped with its own dock and the necessary boats. Although it is located on the French Riviera, it is located in fashionable Nice and other major cities, even if you have them within driving distance.
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    The town
    also features a picturesque square where the traditional market is held weekly during the tourist season.You can buy both the necessary souvenirs and classic, newly prepared French cuisine. Just above the square is also a famous confectionery with excellent ice cream, which has many varieties.
    If you\’re not keen on shopping but curious, try to be captivated by the localobservation towerand enjoy the unrepeatable views of the azure blue sea and the sun-bleached shutters of the local building. Do not miss a guided cruise on the cruise shipwhich can be done both on a sunny day and at night.
    When you\’re tired of the all-day experience, there\’s nothing easier than visiting a wine bar or restaurant and enjoying a great French wine.
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    If you decide to spend a summer vacation here, you can of course stay in 1 of the hotels here. But you can also stay at the beach resort Prairies de la Mer, which is about a 10-minute walk away. So, in addition to the money saved, you can also experience a true beach romance.
    You can choose from luxuriousbungalows, from where you are a few steps into the velvety soft sand directly by the sea, or from a fully equipped kitchen (from spoon to coffee maker), bathroom with shower as well as a TV, TV and a private bathroom. There is a terrace with wooden furniture and barbecue. But these temporary shelters are under the thumb of different landlords, so it is definitely worth comparing all offers. In the distance you can drive, there are 2 hypermarkets where you can comfortably shop, and the price of food is almost the same as in our country.
    This beach can be described without exaggeration as a fully equipped paradise on earth, from which you will never want to leave. Of course,Cleanliness, during a night or early morning walk, you can come across resort employees who are raking sand to prevent garbage from getting in.
    There are also several freely (and free) accessible washrooms throughout the resort, which are always tailored to specific historical periods. Therefore, if you want to take a shower against an Egyptian or Roman background, you have an option. Here it is also necessary to add that it is sterile clean.
    Rocky Coast
    Beach Facilities
    * Fresh water and beachfront shower
    · Fine restaurants and stalls
    · Toilets and washrooms
    · Sun Lounger rental
    · Shop

    · Casino
    · Attractions