The Evolution of the Phone

    Mobile phones are part of almost every move we make every day. In today\’s world, they are no longer indispensable and valuable assistants in carrying out daily tasks. But what were the first cell phones and how far back does their history go?Perhaps some of you still remember from school that the principle of the first telephone device was invented by Alexander Graham Bell and that this device was made by the Italian Meuccio.

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    Simply put, it is an electromagnetic microphone in which the human voice and other sounds vibrate a diaphragm with a permanent magnet inside a coil. The sound is thus converted into an electric current, which travels in this form through a wire to the listener, where it strikes the diaphragm again. Today\’s telephones are based on wireless signals, and their design has become more complex. Telephones gradually became popular with the general public. First as a phone booth, later people began to have “landlines” in their homes, and today everyone has their own phone in their pocket or bag at all times.

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    Such a cell phone appeared on the market from Nokia in 1982, but still weighed less than 10 kg. Better was Motorola\’s Dynatac 8000X, which appeared a year later, weighing less than a kilogram and capable of 30 minutes of talk time without recharging. 1992 brought another innovation that marked a turning point for Nokia. The phone weighed only 500 grams and could be used anywhere in the world. At the time, it used the GSM network, which is still one of the most popular networks in use today. Two years later, a blockbuster appeared on the market that deserves to be called the first IBM Simon Smartphone. All phones evolved gradually, adding new standards like cameras and various improvements like Internet connectivity; since 2007, Apple has maintained its top sales position with the then revolutionary iPhone.