Please guess.

    Your child is always sitting in front of a computer or holding a mobile phone in his hand and doesn\’t want to support them anymore. This year make changes and buy board games for their birthday or under the tree. This is an ideal gift that brings the whole family together with a hundred percent certainty. Today, the game is very sophisticated and everyone will have fun with them. A fun bonus for you will make you learn a lot of interesting and new information in the game.

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    You have a choice of a wide variety of genres. You can wash from trivia games, party games, card and strategy games and many more. One of the most popular and best trivia games is the game “Guess“. This game is sold in 2 variations. The first is a “junior” variant designed for toddlers, and the 2nd variant is designed for adults. If you are wondering which option to buy, it does not matter. Both variants can be played by both adults and children, but in the “junior” variant, after all, there is a slightly lighter question.
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    Game Content:

    The game is designed forthree to six players. If more people want to play the game, they have the opportunity to split into teams. The playback time varies, but the average time is30 minutes. On the package there is a lubricated table, a card with a question and a marker with a tip for betting. In the game you will find a thousand questions and flash cards. These problems are divided into a total of 6 groups: flora and fauna, sports and others, what happened and, finally, what was important.


    The principle of the game is that the game contains questions that almost no one can know for sure. So you have to ask yourself 1 question, read it and guess the correct answer. After that, your task will be to bet on the player you think answered well. If you bet well, you will win 2 times more chips. Unless you lose your chips. The winner is the player who managed to get as many chips as possible.

    Make sure you experience a lot of fun in the game.