Make Your Life Healthier

    Too much sugar in food is bad for you. You want to eat something sweet once in a while and don\’t want to compromise your body or your health. Then you can bet on tried-and-true natural sweeteners and syrups that can be used to sweeten drinks, various foods, smoothies, and baking. [What are the different types of sweeteners on the market today and how do they differ? Which are suitable for slim lines and which are not good to overdo?
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    Types of syrups available for healthy sweetening. The biggest advantages of syrups are their low glycemic index and high fiber content. For example, it contains 10-15% less carbohydrates than avocado or maple syrup. It can be used in both cold and hot dishes.
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    § Agave syrup – This is the juice of agave. However, it contains a lot of fructose, so be careful not to consume too much.
    § Rice syrup – This has the advantage of being fructose-free. It is high in vitamins and minerals.
    § Maple syrup– High in minerals and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Great on pancakes and hotcakes.
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    Other natural sweeteners.
    §Dextrose-Good for instant energy
    §Honey-contains many health benefits
    §Palm sugar-good for diabetics
    §Fructose-Fructose, a fruit sugar, I like baking but I like to do a little bit without overdoing it. But if you want to eat healthier, a variety of natural sweeteners are also suitable. However, the motto “everything in moderation” should also apply in this area.