Lipstick – an attribute of femininity

    It is necessary to know how to use lipstick. Lipstick can be just an accessory, but it is often the star of the makeup.

    How to use lipstick?

    Fashionable lipstick colors – choose carefully

    Many women have trouble painting their lips perfectly, so nude lipsticks, which are very fashionable but require less technique than dark, brightly colored lipsticks Choose. Pale pink, pale brown, and beige lipsticks blend with the natural lip color and contour, making precise makeup unnecessary.
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    How to use lipstick?

    Painting the lips is not difficult, but requires diligence and practice. Dark-colored lipsticks, such as red, pink, dark blue, and purple, do not allow for mistakes.

    When applying makeup to the lips, it is recommended to use a foundation of a similar color to the lipstick. The foundation will perfectly contour the lips and set the edges of the lipstick. Begin contouring from the center of the upper lip. Follow that contour outward, first tracing the center of the mouth and finally the corners of the mouth. Contouring the lower lip is a bit easier. Some women start at the corners and work their way to the center of the lips, while others start in the center, just as they outline the upper lip.

    Once the lips are outlined, apply lipstick. It is worth doing this with a brush because it allows you to apply the optimal amount of lipstick while spreading it perfectly. Lipstick should be applied starting from the edge of the lips and working towards the center. Excess lipstick should be included in a cotton ball.
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    Fashion lipstick colors – choose carefully

    Lipstick can make a beautiful finish to makeup or ruin it completely. Its effectiveness depends not only on whether you know how to use lipstick and how you put that knowledge into practice, but also on the color you choose. This season, shades of red, nude, beige, brown, and pink are all the rage. Surprise colors are subtle, with peachy and slightly orange undertones.