Is it safe to eat in the winter?

    When “conflicting” cravings come alternating frequently, our body wants to tell us something. It signals that it doesn\’t like the way we eat. And it also means that we are not getting enough of an important nutrient. We usually get these signals more often in the cold winter months. So what is the best way to eat in winter?

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    In cold weather, our bodies need more energy. In order not to collapse, we need to maintain an optimal body temperature. We simply need to “warm up” a lot. If we don\’t regularly “warm up” our bodies, our bodies will be forced to use our appetites to replenish energy. Preferably something high in calories, i.e. something sweet or fatty. That way, for a rainy day (on fat pads in “dangerous” areas!) You can store them. If we want to save ourselves, we need to eat regularly!

    Plenty of water!

    In the summer, it\’s hot and easy to get into the habit of thirst and drinking water. Even in winter, however, it is necessary to drink plenty for one\’s health. When it is cold, of course, hot drinks are best. But not one full of sugar or artificial sweeteners! Hot ginger tea with honey, hot yerba mate, or lapacho are all good choices. The ideal winter dinner is soup.

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    Healthy fats!

    Fat is essential for our bodies to function well. However, not all of it is. We try to supplement them mainly with healthy ones. For example, we eat nuts and seeds. This has a positive effect on the brain. It improves concentration and memory. Red meat is also good. Don\’t forget the fish from the sea!

    Fruits and vegetables!!!

    Of course, in winter, think about supplementing vitamins and fiber with fruits and vegetables. We often reach for citrus fruits. However, many experts advise us to eat other kinds of food in the winter, because citrus fruits “cool” the body. So what should we eat? Certainly, nothing is spoiled by choosing traditional varieties. Eat sauerkraut, beets, Brussels sprouts, garlic, and onions. These also give a good “spin” on the winter virus.