How many liters should I drink?

    Surely you have already heard several times that you should follow the drinking regime. Many of us hear this phrase every day, especially in the summer. If you go to the doctor, you have confirmation from him.
    but some may wonder what the drinking regime really is. It is recommended to drink 1 liter of liquid per 2-3 days. In the hot summer you need to drink a lot more.
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    I\’m sure you can\’t do that. There is a difference between the need for water for a body weighing 100 pounds and a body weighing slightly half.
    If you wish, you have the opportunity to find the possibility of calculating the water needs of each person on the Internet. It is very simple. Multiply your weight by 0.033. If you exercise, your need for water increases. For all the time in sports, you should treat yourself to an extra liter of water.
    Have you ever wondered why water intake is so important to you? The human body consists of 60% water. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish the stock that you remove during the day in different ways. Already in school it was taught that without food the body can withstand up to a few weeks, but without water the problem arises already in 2-3 days.
    Water intake is required if our body is to function normally. For example, the condition of the skin depends on it. With deficiency, cellulite can develop. Also, the water that leaves our body takes waste with it, and on the contrary, what we enter the body helps us distribute nutrients.
    There is little problem with this children and the elderly. They do not feel thirsty and think that water intake is useless. Over time, your body will tell you that something is wrong. People who lack water are more likely to get tired, have headaches, or have kidney failure.
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    But there is another danger. If we teach our body a low water intake, it will start saving them, which means they will be held in the body and we will look a few pounds stronger.