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    What was your favorite game to play when you were little? Playing with dolls and carrying dolls in a pram was probably every little girl\’s favorite thing to do. I really enjoyed it too, and I don\’t think I knew of a better game to play as a child. So I always took along a book or coloring book, for example. My favorite thing to do was to color pictures of dolls and horses. I think all little girls love horses and unicorns. For example, if you saw my 4 year old daughter with a bunch of unicorns, horses and dolls, you would probably laugh. Wouldn\’t you?

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    Or she would have a headache. My daughter has a lot on her mind. And I\’m not just buying them for her. Because I have an only daughter, an only child, and I have no plans to have another child. So my parents and my boyfriend\’s father spoil her really well, so it\’s no wonder she has so many toys. I would love to spoil my daughter too, but I really don\’t have anything anymore. My daughter already has everything, so my priority is to make sure she studies well and eats healthy too. 22]

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    My daughter likes games, especially various creative games with cards and balls. I am happy that my daughter likes to play ball games. My boyfriend said he was lazy, but I really liked ball games, especially baseball and basketball. They are very interesting games and I get really tired and fall fast asleep in bed. What are your favorite games? How about classic running? I remember when my teacher signed me up for cross country. I didn\’t really want to go, but it was a lot of fun. I made a lot of friends from other schools. You can never have too many friends.