Games and Children Today

    I have always enjoyed a variety of games. I have loved games probably since I was born. Moreover, games were the only entertainment for children. Logically, in the 90\’s and earlier, children played together. Do you see the difference in games? It\’s huge. I was an only child. So it makes sense that I wanted my parents to play with me as much as possible.

    Dnešní hry jsou jiné.

    So in my family the most popular was bat sports. I loved badminton and tennis. Badminton was perfect in that you could do it in the living room. Until I was a kid. I could do it at home because you don\’t hit big shots and it\’s the kind of ball that never breaks anything. So I usually played badminton in the living room with my mom or dad. But when I was about eight or nine years old, I started playing outside. Of course, we always played outside. But if it was raining or freezing outside, badminton really came in handy in the living room.

    Pamatujete kuličky?

    And I must say, badminton was really perfect for me. I was very good at it. If there was a badminton tournament, I would definitely win it. It was a really interesting game for me. And it was a game of movement. I don\’t think a lot of kids are getting any physical activity now. When I see that at the public pool, for example, it sometimes makes me very sad, because I see young kids and people these days. Because when I look at young children and people these days, they are really fat. The younger they are, the fatter their physiques are. And the older women and older people you see, the better their physiques look. But I think we should include physical games and other physical activities in the interests of children and adolescents. Physical activity is forgotten nowadays. I am physically active every day, and I have a son, so I play games a lot.