Foot Care

    Our feet help us move from place to place from an early age. But sometimes we overwork those feet. Whether you go hiking or have a demanding job that keeps you on your feet all day (saleswoman, waitress, hairdresser, etc.), you need to take care of your feet and make sure they are comfortable and rested. They feel much better when they are rested than when they are tired or sore.

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    One can use a special bath with a bubble massage function or a regular latrine. Add various salts, fragrant oils, fizzy balls or herbs to the hot water. The skin on the feet will be beautifully softened and the feet will feel amazingly relaxed.

    Pumice stone, electric file

    Did you know that pumice stone is a volcanic glass? Thanks to its texture, it can remove keratinized skin. The best time to use pumice stone is after a water bath. First, soak your feet in water so as not to damage them, then swish the pumice stone around until it exfoliates. Continue soaking the feet during this process to see if you still need to continue or if the feet are already beautiful and flexible.

    Use an electric sandpaper, wet or dry, depending on which type you bought. File the entire sole until it is perfect.
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    Hydration and massage

    After using both the pumice stone and the electric file, you need to rehydrate well with massage cream. There are many types available in stores. Massage creams usually contain oils and herbs that stimulate circulation and help regenerate tired feet. To prevent fungus, do not apply the cream between the toes. Massage should always be comfortable, painless, and truly relaxing and soothing. Do not hesitate to ask your partner for a massage.