After the success of the remastering of the original trilogy, will there be a new Spyro the Dragon?

    In 1998, Spyro the Purple Dragon was introduced to gamers for the Playstation 1and quickly gained a large fan base. In his platform game,
    he was charged with the mission of freeing his fellow soldiers from the imprisonment of the crystal. Dragons were scattered all over the world. From the main world, dragons could travel to other worlds through portals. The game was a hit and received high acclaim. Worldwide,it sold over 5 million copies.

    Playstation 1 konzole.jpg
    The game Ripto\’s Rage!(akaGateway to Glimmer) built on the success of the first title. The second installment was released a year laterin 1999. New characters,Cheetah Hunter,Elora the faun,Professor Mole,and Zoe the Fairywere introduced. The structure of the game remained unchanged. Players could travel through portals from three main home worlds: the Summer Woods, the Autumn Plains and the Winter Tundra.
    This episode ends after the main villain Riptais defeated. New abilities are added to Spyro,floating after slipping,swimming underwater,climbing ladders, and meeting a dragon celebrating the so-calledYear of the Dragonin this title. At this time, a new dragon egg enters the world. However, Bianca the rabbit has her own plans for the eggs and steals them all. The players go on a rescue mission to find the eggs. 59] Sunrise Spring, Midday Garden,Playstation 4 ovladač.jpgEvening Lake
    , Midnight Mountain and the home world again. New features were introduced in this work. A new level where the player controls Sparx, Spyro\’s dragonfly companion. 69] Sparxis controlled from an overhead perspective. This title also introduces four new playable characters: Sheila the kangaroo,Sergeant Feathered Bird,a feathered bird named Yeti Bentley, a monkey named Agent 9.Playstation 4 ovladač.jpg
    Several other titles were created:

    • Season of Ice
    • Season of Flame
    • Enter the Dragonfly
    • Attack of the Rhynocs
    • Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy
    • A Hero\’s Tail
    • Shadow Legacy

    Discussion of a reboot began earlywhich began in 2014. However, the original trilogy did not see remasters until2018forPlaystation 4andXbox One. It was developed bySkylanders developer Toys for Boband ported toMicrosoft WindowsandNintendo Switch.

    The Reignited Trilogysuccessfully revived the purple dragon\’s popularity once again. It presented this beloved platformer of history in a new, contemporary perspective. According to the latest information, a new version is currently in development.

    However, it is unclear what can be expected from the popular diamond collector. A release date for the game has not yet been identified.