The Jeseniký Mountains are located in northern Moravia and extend from Olomouc and Sternberg to the Polish border; the main town of Jeseniký, which until 1947 was Frývaldov, is a spa town
    famous for its Priessnitz therapy. [It is one of the most visited mountain ranges in the Czech Republic. Skiers can visit many perfectly maintained downhill and cross-country trails. The most famous courses are Ramzová, Ostržná, Cervenohorske Cedro, Karlov Pod Pradědem, Praděd, etc.
    děti na stezce

    Even in summer, you will love these mountains. There are hundreds of hiking and biking trails. The clear waters of the quarry and the large reservoir Sržíská Harta invite you to swim.
    The highest mountain in the Moravian region, Mount Pradiado, is well worth a visit. At the top is a 154-meter-high communications tower. At the restaurant on Praděd Mountain, the local specialty, blueberry dumplings, are highly recommended.
    Three kilometers from the cottage in Švitsarna, one of the oldest buildings in Jeseniky, is a high waterfall. Its height is 28 meters, making it one of the highest waterfalls in our country. If that is not enough, one can also visit the Silver Stream Waterfall (Nýznerovské).
    On hot days, you can cool off in the Na Pomezí cave, about 6 km from the village of Lipová Lázně. A half-kilometer circuit awaits you.
    The third highest peak of Hrubý Jeseník, PETROVY KAMENY, is also worth a visit. It played a major role during the Inquisition. Because of its rare vegetation, the promenade only passes around it.
    Finally, 7.5 km from Zlate Hori is the nature reserve REJVÍZ (the largest peat bog in Moravia). The most interesting feature is a mossy pond, surrounded by a wooden boardwalk. Here you can also ride in a pram. You can also experience horseback riding in the reserve.
    vodní nádrž
    The Yeşeniky Mountains offer a variety of activities even in summer. There are beautiful ridge trails for hikers, many trails for cyclists, families with children can book excursions to the Dlouhé Stráně power plant, the Velké Losiny castle, and so many more to choose from, and the scenery is beautiful.