Social Networks and Us

    Social networks are services on the Internet that allow users to create public and personal profiles. Users can communicate with each other, share information, photos, activities, scheduled events, and create groups of people with similar interests. Today, social networks are really popular.
    Social networks are really popular today. Social networks are no longer just for young people; they are used by all age groups, from young children to the elderly. Social networks have great advantages and disadvantages, and each of us must weigh ourselves on what is advantageous for us.
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    Advantages of Social Networking
    Perhaps the greatest advantage of social networking is not losing touch with people you may no longer be in touch with. They could be distant relatives, classmates from elementary or secondary school, childhood friends, or acquaintances from our home village. Phone numbers may change, but today most people can be found on social networks. Another great advantage is the ability to share photos and videos. This way your friends can keep track of what\’s new in your life.
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    Disadvantages are also fairly common and unfortunately quite serious. A major disadvantage is that even if your account is secure, you never know who will see your personal information. Therefore, you need to be careful about what you share on social media. Another disadvantage is that social services are often addictive, and this is not just a problem for children. Sharing photos is another major disadvantage. For example, photos of children are often targeted by pedophiles, who may not even realize it.
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    Whether one is for or against social networking, one should always keep in mind that social networking is not the real world. We also need to be realistic and live among real people, not Facebook or Instagram icons. Social networking is, but everything in moderation. This rule also applies to children, who are more likely to become addicted to social networks and even more likely to become victims of cyberbullying.