Psychological Magic in Handling Smartphones

    A person\’s personality traits can be easily detected not only through direct verbal expressions, but also through facial expressions, body language, eye expressions, posture, or even the way they walk. Did you know that the way a person handles a smartphone can tell a lot about his or her internal state?
    This psychological study was conducted by a team of researchers who observed and evaluated the same personality traits of respondents and successfully classified them into four basic groups. The study was conducted on a touch-screen cell phone that can be operated with the fingers of one hand or the other.
    windows phone
    The first group of respondents hold the device with one hand and operate it with the thumb of the same hand
    . These people are generally self-centered, preferring to be the center of attention, and are thought to be content with the world revolving around them. Unfortunately, however, they are rarely able to listen to their surroundings and interact with them on the same wavelength. The desirable traits of such a person are a certain discipline, concentration, attraction to so-called goals, and the ability for dexterity, skill, and manual dexterity. Sometimes, however, it comes at the expense of arrogance and a sense of superiority.
    smartphone telefon
    Devices that are held in both hands and operated simultaneously with one thumb
    These individuals tend to be very closed-minded with deeply hidden inner feelings. At first glance, they appear to be very sensitive and vulnerable and expect to be respected and lovingly cared for by those around them, but paradoxically, they act very withdrawn and are perceived by those close to them as people who can only get along with themselves. Even though the most important thing for such people is their emotional life, closed emotions lead to separation from partners and family members.
    They hold cell phones with both hands and operate them with both thumbs
    Such individuals are extremely vulnerable and usually live their lives worrying about whether they can adequately cope with the tasks assigned to them. They tend to be hard on themselves, even overly pedantic, and their daily anxiety, depression, and fear take a toll on their self-esteem. Because they are capable of loving deeply, they have great difficulty enduring disproportionate relationships.
    He holds an instrument in one hand and operates it with the index finger of the other hand
    He represents a practical, selfless, loving person, professing ease and peace. He usually acts with deliberation and thoughtfulness, dislikes quarrels and strife, and is able to give himself up for the sake of his friends. His basic need is to find a partner who loves him as dearly as he loves himself. Such a person is able to forgive others and himself.